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Bat Studded Thigh High Garter

This is a Bat Studded Thigh High Garter.

Batgirl Thigh Highs

Those superhero suits that are made up of nothing but spandex or metallic material sure can get uncomfortable after a while. Batgirl hated it so she went ahead and broke that tacky trend.

She began to search for a more comfortable style to wear while taking out the bad guys, and of course, she still wanted to make sure she still looked good while beating those villains senseless with the swift kicks of justice. The first change she made was with the bottom half of her outfit and she permanently closeted the sticky spandex by replacing them with a simple short skirt and these awesomely stylish Batgirl Thigh High Stockings!

Then, being the super lady that Batgirl is, she made these stockings available for anyone who feels like a adding a bit of vigilante justice to their daily attire. Batman was so impressed by her new superhero outfit that he's been rethinking the whole body armor look and considering a more cozy costume to wear while serving justice to all of Gotham's greatest threats.


Black Nurse Thigh High Stockings

Back to the Basics Sometimes, you can't go wrong with a classic. Peanut butter and jelly, for example, or a diamond engagement ring.

There are some Halloween costumes that have been around for long enough that they are basically classics in their own right, and they aren't going anywhere! The sheet ghost is one, as is the witch, both the sexy and kid versions.

Another classic, flattering costume is anything with the sexy nurse aesthetic. Some people wear tight clothes, others just don't wear much, and some keep it creepy with artfully placed blood splatters.

No matter what version of sexy nurse you are going for, you can definitely make use of these Black Nurse Thigh Highs! Product Details These nylon, thigh high stockings are black, which means they'll go with anything!

Keeping with the medical theme, they also feature the nurse's white cross on a red circle at the top of each thigh. Whether you're planning on wearing boots or heels, these stockings are sure to show off your legs!

Do they seem perfect, but you wish they were white? Look no further, because we have the white version of these, as well as several nurse costumes.

Your patients await!

Plus Size Black and White Striped Women's Thigh High Stockings

Stripes are the New Black Everyone talks about the Little Black Dress that Coco Chanel loved and popularized, but it's now time to pay just as much attention to an equally amazing staple: black and white stripes! They're so classic and so edgy at the same time.

They work whether you want to be a Gothic heartthrob or a soccer goalie, or a Gothic soccer goalie (what? that would be an awesome costume!

) Product Details Step up your outfit game and show off your lovely legs by wearing these Women's Plus Size Black and White Striped Thigh High Stockings! Each comfortable nylon-and-polyester blend knit stocking rises to just below your upper thigh, and has a wide knitted band at each leg opening.

The thick black and white stripes are flattering and stylish. Stocking Sensation Seeing things in black and white is a good thing when it comes to these stockings!

Use them for Halloween outfits, everyday glamor, and everything in between.


Pumpkin Over the Knee Socks

Spirited Celebration Who says Halloween can only last one night? Sure, it may only be appropriate to ring neighbors' doorbells and ask for candy on October 31st, but the spirit of Halloween (and the smell of fun-sized candy) lingers in the air for much longer.

And this may not come as a huge shock to you, but we fully encourage any action you can take to prolong the essence of Halloween. We're big fans!

Take these Over the Knee Pumpkin socks, for instance. With this Halloween-inspired pair, you can easily turn any random Tuesday in October into a cause for celebration.

Or, you can turn any fall celebration into a Halloween-themed event by showing up with this tall pair beneath your orange dress. And just like that, you've turned All Hallows Eve into All Hallows Month.

Bravo! Product Details This black knit pair is simple and straightforward, with a glowing orange jack o' lantern on each knee and a matching orange heel patch to brighten your step.

Wear 'em under a host of shorts, skirts, dresses, and costumes to keep cozy and capture the spirit of your favorite holiday, daily! All Year Cheer Really, who's to say you can't curl up with this pair on a particularly raining spring day?

Or a cool summer evening? No one!

With this darling, dark pair of thigh-high socks, you can keep Halloween alive year-round. We love it!


Rhinestone Black Garter Leg Wrap

Dare to Be Different! You've heard of having a bold lip, but what about having a bold leg?

There are times when sheer, colored, or even patterned tights just don't quite have the right look. When you want something incredibly eye-catching, you have to think outside the box a little.

You won't regret trying - cross our hearts! Product Details Add something unexpected and fun to your outfit with these Black Rhinestone Garter Leg Wraps for Women!

Each accessory has a closed circle garter sewn with two long black ribbons studded with sparkly rhinestones. Starting at the inner thigh, criss-cross the ribbons down your legs and tie them at your ankles.

The high-quality polyester fabric is designed to be pinch-free so that you can wear them in comfort! That's a Wrap Want to dazzle at your next costume party or night out?

These edgy leg wraps have you covered - or should we say they have you wrapped?