Thing 1 And Thing 2

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Adult Thing 1 & 2 Costume Socks

A Prankster Pair Here is the thing actually, scratch that; here are two things. Thing one: to get into some of that premium mischief, dancing and carrying on through your house, stacking your fishbowl on top of a precarious tower of dishes and books you're going to need socks.

There is no better method for sneaking, or for a quick escape, sliding soundlessly across a floor with no carpet. Even if there is carpet, you can use socks to create an electric charge that will briefly stop anybody from ending your wild merriment.

That's thing number one. Now, thing number two: You need two socks for the optimum "fun that is funny.

" With those two things in mind, here are two things to help you in your pranking and mess-making: Thing 1 & 2 Costume Socks! Design & Details This pair of officially licensed socks is made of 74% acrylic, 13% polyester, 11% nylon, 1% spandex, and 1% other fibers, and is perfect for recreating the whimsical whirlwind that is Thing 1 and Thing 2, with knitted-in graphics featuring their respective Thing number, and their distinctive blue hair.

At 21" long, these socks are roughly the same size as the little mischief-makers from the book! Consider pairing one of our Cat in the Hat costumes with these socks, and you'll be wearing a costume for three different characters; quite the feat!

No pun intended.


Blue Fuzzy Thing 1&2 Headband

Time For a Little Mischief With their long red jumpsuits, wild blue hair, and mischievious grins, these two (or three, or four) Dr. Seuss characters are instantly recognizable wherever they pop up.

This is a decidedly subtler look, and it would be a great prop for a night of fun and games! Jump back into your childhood when you put on this Thing 1&2 Fuzzy Headband.

Whether or not you have a Thing Two to your Thing One, it is a sweet reference to one of the best children's book writers in history. Product Details This headband is very simple; it is a band covered from end to end in bright blue, 100% polyester faux fur.

Just like Thing One and Thing Two, your wild blue locks will halo your whole head. Dress it up with a red shirt of your own, or check out several Dr.

Seuss themed accessories on our website! From Things 1-9 patches to red and blue striped leggings, we've got everything you need to complete your Thing look.

So whether you are a lone Thing or one of two (or more!), you will look the part once this fuzzy headband is behind your ears.

$8.99 $6.99

Blue Thing 1 & 2 Fuzzy Headband

Just What the Dr. Ordered Dr.

Seuss knew how to keep life fun and colorful. You can see it in his rhyme schemes and his wild illustrations.

But he was pretty fun in real life too! He was introduced as Dr.

Seuss at parties and would play along if party-goers had never seen his books and thought he was a medical doctor. He'd listen with a serious face as people asked about their moles or hair loss.

With his love of mischief and fun, we know he'd love impromptu Seuss accessories like this wild Thing One or Two headband! Product Details This brilliant blue headband brings instant Dr.

Seuss fun to any outfit! The Thing 1 and Thing 2 medallions in the middle of the bow are interchangeable and secure with a hook and loop fastener, so your kid can easily choose which Thing they are.

Want to create a look for each Thing? You'll want to order a headband for each one.

Pair this Thing 1 and Thing 2 headband with a red outfit or choose one of our licensed costumes to go all out! Whether you're dressing up for Dr.

Seuss's birthday or Halloween, your kiddo is sure to have a lot of fun as this wild Dr. Seuss character!

$7.99 $6.99

Cat in the Hat | Thing 1 & 2 Costume Kids' Socks

All the Things Oh, there are so many things! Things with wings and things with rings There are things that like to play ball And there are things that like to go to the mall There are things that eat bread Did you hear what we said?

There are things walked down the street And there are things that have very small feet For all of those things, especially those with little toes We have some very special socks to wear with their red clothes! Product Details Yes, we created some very special socks for special Dr.

Seuss fans out there. These Thing 1 and Thing 2 Socks are child-size socks designed to look like the cute little costume that the Things wear in The Cat in the Hat.

The socks are bright red and feature knit-in graphics of the 1 and 2 patches. The socks are made out of an acrylic, polyester, and spandex blend, which means they stretch for a form fit.

If your child is planning on dressing up like their favorite Dr. Seuss character, then these simple socks are an easy choice!

They also look great with many of our Cat in the Hat-themed costumes.

Cat in the Hat | Thing 2 Fuzzy Cap

Imagine the mischief you'll get in while cosplaying as Thing 2. Oh, the things you'll do!

When someone let's this cool Fuzzy Thing 2 Cap out of the box, hilarity will ensue! We think there's something downrightempoweringabout wearing something on your head.

Don't you agree? .


Okay, okay, allow us to explain. A crown, a headband, a gorgeous and tasteful hat--all of it, any of it, we'll take it.

Like, how do you feel when you have the opportunity to bestow upon yourself some new noggin ornament that attracts attention all the world over. It's nice to feel noticed, you know?

And there's no better spotlight than the perfect headdress. Crowns are downright royal, conveying a sense of importance that we rather enjoy.

Headbands are great in their versatility, but limited in that they don't cover our heads. In cold weather, that's just a deal-breaker.

Hats, meanwhile, can be difficult to get just right. When's it right, for instance, to wear a fascinator?

Because we wore ours to grab coffee the other day and the stares we got were, erm, less than admiring. When do you go ball cap over beanie?

It's a hard call to make, right?!

We can never feelcertainabout that decision. We're here to fix that with headwear like this officially licensed Thing 2 Fuzzy Cap.

This sweet cap features embroidered facial features and a hook & loop fastener, so no matter how big your noggin is, it will take you from average, everyday costume party-goer to the most likely to cause some mischief. Snag some other Dr.

Suess accessories to get a group theme going. See what we mean about their sheer versitility and power now?

Ah, the power of a good hat.

Deluxe Toddler Thing 1&2 Costume

Embrace the Mischief There are classic tells of a young mischief-maker in the making. If you are in an elevator full of strangers, what are the chances your little one will loudly explain embarrassing facts about your private life?

If your child has told details about your digestion and their showering habits to suits downtown and old ladies on the bus, then they are well on their way to becoming bonafide troublemakers. It can't stop with words, of course.

If your child is a mischief-maker you might find them trying to crawl into the dryer, getting into your sparkly makeup, and of course, no mischief-maker's childhood would be complete without attempting the DIY haircut. You can tell when a child is committedto trouble when you see those telltale half-inch bangs!

There are certain objects that tricksters just can't stand to be around without a little vandalism. If they are around paint, peanut butter, or markers then you are simply tempting fate.

Product Details As hard as you try, you'll never quell this tendency, it's just something your child will have to grow out of. .

. or into.

Enter this perfect Thing 1 & Thing 2 costume. With stick-on felt numbers 1 and 2 on the same costume, your toddler can rotate between the two.

The soft red jumpsuit has mitts sewn to the sleeve cuffs, which flip back to free your hands. It comes with a cool blue wig to bring it all together!

Best of all, it's officially licensed! That's like an endorsement by Dr.

Seuss himself!