Tiger Costumes

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Infant Tiger Costume

Hey! We have a riddle for you.

What is orange and white, and cute all over? Give up, yet?

Well, the answer is your little one in this awesome Infant Tiger Costume! Grab this for your kiddo and you can have the cutest tiger cub in the whole neighborhood this Halloween.

Once you slip this adorable jumpsuit on your cutie, he or she will be ready to stomp all around the block like a wild jungle cat. Oh, and you wont need to worry about your tiny tyke slipping around at any fun costume parties.

This jumpsuit comes with skid resistant feet with grips in the shape of pretty little paws. So, whether your baby is running through the thick of the jungle or crawling around your slick kitchen floor you can be sure that he or she will never lose their grip!

However, this adorable getup wouldnt be complete without the cute hood. It has a pair of the softest ears youve ever felt on a tiger and there is also a furry little white mane to keep your bundle of joy cozy and warm.

If you really want to take this costume to the next level and complete this cat-tastic transformation then grab a makeup kit. With a quick makeover, your blushy-cheeked cutie will look exactly like adorable tiger cub!

Just be sure to keep an eye out for animal control. You wouldnt want to have to visit the zoo in order to get your baby back.


Jungle Tiger Nose

The fiercest creature of the jungle has always been the mighty tiger. Some people talk about lions being the king of the same place but we think that's a pretty silly saying.

First of all, lions live in the savannah, and probably wouldn't know what a jungle looked like if it framed them for killing their father and banished them from their own land. Second of all, tigers average at about 850 pounds a cat(that's about 100 of your little house kittens) while the lion only tops out at around 420 (almost 50 house kitties).

You do the math right there. Who's going to beat the snot out of who?

So when you're considering what costume to dress up as for Halloween, just remember what awesome stuff the tiger has to offer. You want to be fierce?

Tigers are the biggest, baddest cats in the world. You want to be super sexy?

You can't beat tiger print. You want to still have an adorable kitty nose?

Try on this jungle tiger nose, and you'll be ready for the party.

Lion Ears and Tail Kit

"I'm gonna be the mane event, like no king was before! I'm brushing up on looking down, I'm working on my ROAR!

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!" - Simba from The Lion King Looking to be the king of the jungle this Halloween (or maybe just gain a lil friendly courage?

)? Or maybe you want to be the king of a Disney movie or the star of a Broadway musical?

Then we ain lion - this Lion Ears and Tail Kit was made for you! Made of fuzzy polyester fabric and polyurethane foam filling, the flexible plastic headband has the lion ears and mane sewn over it for an authentic here-kitty-kitty kinda look!

It also comes with a 10" tail that has a sewn fabric loop that you can use to attach to any costume or belt loop! With this Lion Ears and Tail Kit completing your feline ensemble, theres only one thing left to do: Get ready to ROAR!

$9.99 $14.99

Tiger Costume for Toddlers

Is your little tiger intriguedby in-depthnature documentaries about jungles? Is their destination of choice always the zoo?

If they can't get enough of the big cats in this world than they will love this striking tiger costume. You might invest in this so that they can stalk the streets on Halloweennight but rest assured that once your little one has their claws in this ensemble they're going to want to play dress up all the time!

Hey, there are worst animals to live with than this tiger, tiger burning bright! It's easy to transform into the majestic predator.

The jumpsuit zips up the back and comes with matching shoe covers and a headpiece that secures closed with a hook and eye touch strip. The mittens are attached to the jumsuitwith a flap so there's no need to worry about misplacing them.

Now all you need to do is put some cat makeup on your kiddo's face and you guys will be ready to roll. A word of advice, watch your back, you never know when your little tiger could be lurking in coat closets!


Tween Tigress Costume | Teen Halloween Costume

It's a jungle out there and the only way to survive is with an independent attitude and the wiles to get what you want. With the strength to say what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done!

The tigress has got that attitude and she can enter a room and quickly make sure that everyone knows that she's the queen of everything around her! Do you have what it takes?

Besides, we all know that sometimes, being a teen is about getting a little bit wild, and the responsibility to keep the rest of those animals from devolving into chaos rests on your strong shoulders! So when those boys are throwing plastic cups, give them a growl and send them to the dancefloorwhere they belong!

And when the DJ plays a song you don't like, give him those fierce eyes, like you're ready to pounce, and your requests will pour through the speakers. Everyone will bow in your wake when you wear this 100% polyester black tank dress with tiger-print ruffles and white trim on the skirtnot to mention the tiger-print leg warmers, hoodie, and tail you'll have Hook and Loop fastener'd to the back.

Who could disrespect such stylish authority?!

Not us, that's for sure. Side note: Knowing how to growl is an absolute necessity for this kind of outfit.

We'd suggest some practice before you go meowing all over!