Tokyo Ghoul

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Adult Tokyo Ghoul Mask

Gone Ghoul Typically speaking, ghouls don't want people toknowthey are ghouls. There are a variety of reasons why, but for now, just know that revealing yourself as a flesh-eating ghoul probably won't get you any friends.

We imagine this has something to do with people being scared of getting eaten or something (which we cantotallyunderstand), but if you think about it, the ghouls have been living among us for quite some time peacefully with very little problem. Which is why we think it's high time the ghouls went ahead and revealed themselves.

We're pretty sure they're just misunderstood, particularly the half-ghouls. It's not like any of themchoseto be ghouls.


right? Well, to show our support, we're offering this Tokyo Ghoul Adult Mask.

This black faux leather mask is based on the one Ken Kaneki wears and has an adjustable strap to fit snuggly. There's a functional zipper over the mouth and en eye patch riveted over the right eye.

If you put this on you stand in solidarity with the poor misunderstood ghouls of the world! We expect this will help bring awareness to their marginalized culture and.


you're not going to start hunting humans with this now, are you? Oh, good.

You had us worried for a moment..