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22-Inch Pure Evil Tombstone Halloween Decoration

Keep Your Distance Whatever you do, donot dig up this grave! It's occupied by something so sinister, so terrible, that you definitely don't want to disturb it.

We're serious - don't even touch (unless Halloween is over and you're ready to store your decorations until next year). Product Details Warn the neighborhood about what lies beneath this 22" Pure Evil Tombstone Decoration!

The realistic-looking decorative grave header is designed to look like weathered stone. Its faux carving detail includes the top of a skull, bat wings, and the words "Pure Evil.

" Bloody-looking accents add the perfect final touch.


22-Inch Rest In Pieces Tombstone Halloween Deocration

Did We Find Them All? The toughest thing about getting rid of a vampire is that they usually don't die until you slice them up into little bits.

Then the cleanup process is a bear. We're pretty sure that all of the pieces are in the grave, but we definitely don't want to open it back up to find out.

Product Details Send a chilling message with this 22" Rest in Pieces Tombstone Decoration! The prop is designed to look like a weathered stone monument, with an image of a hooded figure holding a knife slimped across the top.


Ceramic 9 Never Trust Tombstone Pumpkin Halloween Decoration

Word to the Wise This striking pumpkin has a unique story. It was found growing on an unmarked grave - you know, the one in the cemetary that is supposed to belong to a vengeful murder victim.

The mssage on the pumpkin appeared shortly after it was picked. Hopefully it's not an omen!

Product Details Decorate your home with some creepy flair by setting out this 9" Ceramic Never Trust the Living Tombstone Pumpkin! The ceramic gourd is painted a glossy black and has a silver-tone stem.

The chilling message is printed against a tombstone background.