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Disney Encanto Mirabel's Musical Accordion

An Instrument as Special as You Poor Maribel! It's hard to be the only member of the Madrigal family without a magical gift.

When your mom, sisters and other relatives have incredible powers that let them heal people with food, lift an entire bridge into the air, and change the weather depending on their moods, it can be easy to feel less than special. Fortunately, Maribel soon realizes that her own powers of courage, love, and determination are just as important for helping her community - plus, her talent for music gets everyone happy and dancing.

Now that's magical! Product Details This officially licensed Mirabel's Musical Accordion from Encanto will make you want to start belting out "The Family Madrigal," "Surface Pressue," and all the other hits from Pixar's latest blockbuster!

The cheerful yellow and purple plastic accordion lets you create your own tunes with the free play mode. Maribel would definitely approve!

Show Time! No need to be "Waiting on a Miracle" for a great costume!

Complete your Maribel outfit and celebrate what makes you special with this fun prop!


Gold Harp Costume Accessory

How Divine It's obvious that you're an angel. You're sweet, kind, and generous, and you look absolutely stunning when dressed all in white.

Clearly, you just arrived here on Earth and have come to make a huge difference in the lives of your friends. You'll start by being the most fun guest at their Halloween party.

Product Details You'll be in seventh heaven when you add this Golden Harp Costume Accessory to your angelic robes! The exclusive plastic prop is shaped like a Grecian harp, with eight immovable "strings" and a frame that is decorated with raised patterns.

Strum a tune for your fellow angels - no music lessons necessary in the afterlife! Heavenly Tunes Who wants to hear a harp rendition of some classic rock?

Some hit pop? What songs are written for harps?

Doesn't matter, because you don't even have to play this harp for it to make you look pretty amazing.