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3 Piece Crusader Prop Weapon Set

You may think that youre ready to lead an army on the battlefield or storm the castle or fight the fire-breathing dragon, and we believe you, with a war face like that but we dont want you running off on any adventures without the proper equipment! Even with the best suit of armor out there, youll be kind of useless with no weaponry.

So make arming yourself easy this Halloween when you add this 3 Piece Crusader Set to your costume. It comes with just about everything you need for battle: the classic shield and sword combo as well as a handy battle-axe.

You know what they say the more weapons the better! So dont stop with this amazing 3 piece set, take a look through the rest of our weaponry as well and make yourself the most feared soldier in any battle!

Whether you have a holy war to fight or a party to crash, this accessory set will be a perfect addition to any knight costume.

8 Pcs Bath Bomb with Halloween Toys

Spooky Suds The best time of the year is finally here! You've got your costume looks ready to go, your pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer in the fridge, and the rest of your house decked out in its spooky best.

It's time to bring the Halloween fun to your bubble bath experience as well! Product Details Give your next self-care session some Halloween flair with this Bath Bomb with Halloween Toys set!

Each of the eight bath bombs come in fun seasonal colors. When dropped in a warm bath, they fizz and melt away to reveal an adorable Halloween toy.


Disney Moana Magical Oar

A Journey with Heart There's no wonder that your little one is all about Moana's epic journey. Everything about this little hero is awesome!

Her songs are wild and easy to sing along with. She seems to be able to take on everyone from a demi-god to a tribe of coconut pirates.

Your child probably wouldn't mind going on a similar journey without getting threatened by a crab and those nasty, nutty pirates. In the meantime, she can dress up in a Moana costume every chance she gets.

If she's already rocking the tribal pattern top and Moana's grass and fabric skirt then there might be one more important element that she's missing, her all-important oar! ProductDetails This oar stands at three feet tall with all sorts of details.

The oar has etched details with pattern down the handle and all over the paddle. The paddle has a green spiral in the middle right over the on, off, and try-me switch.

It runs on three AA batteries and comes in two pieces so it can be stored with ease. Keep Calm and Paddle On Much like Moana's journey, you never know what's going to happen on Halloween night!

Your little one will be brave in the face of all the ghouls and goblins as long as her oar is in hand. No way the skeletons and mummies in the neighborhood are going to scare her when she's taken on an unhinged ocean goddess!


Football Junior Sized Grip Rite

Our kids are inside all day long, and it can drive us a little crazy. Sure they are playing video games, and generally staying out of our hair.

But that isnt the point. Its more that they are inside at all.

We remember wanting to be outside every chance we could get. Then again, we didnt have an XBOX, PlayStation, or a Wii.

All we had was a Nintendo our moms told us we could play for an hour a day. Then it was outside with us.

This summer make your kids get out in the sunshine with this Kids Grip Rite Junior Football. Set a time limit for their video games, then kick them out of the house for a few hours with this football to throw around with their friends.

Who knows maybe your son (or daughter) will become the next big NFL player. Besides, with them out of the house, you can play a little XBOX, or brush up on you Mario skills.

$14.99 $12.99

Jurassic World Slasher Dino Claws for Kids

Super Slashers Humans have technology on their side, but dinosaurs have built-in knives on each hand. Once brought to life and let loose on the mainland, the prehistoric beasts have used their claws to good effect.

We saw one opening a bag of potato chips in the grocery store with its sharp slicers. Jealous!

Product Details Complete a cool dinosaur outfit with a pair of these Kid's Juraissic World Slasher Dino Claus! Each sturdy accessory fits over the back of your hands.

The base is blue and ridged like dino scales, and the ends are tipped with three long, pointed dino claws. Clawed and Dangerous Dinosaur claws are amazing, however they do have one small drawback - they're not good at smaller movements, like unwrapping a delicious Halloween candy from this year's trick-or-treating session.

That's why these claws really give you the best of both worlds: Dino awesomeness and human handiness!


Monkey Twisty Tails Accessory

Monkey See, Monkey Do Who wouldn't want to have a pet monkey? They're so smart and cute - but sometimes they're too smart and cause a lot of mischief.

The best-case scenario would be to have a pet primate who sticks by your side all day and never tries to throw bananas at people. Product Details Did a zoo animal escape?

No, it's just a fun Monkey Twisty Tails Costume Accessory! The stuffed animal is made of soft velour fabric and has a tuft of faux fur on the top of its head and embroidered facial features.

Its extra-long tail is coiled so that you can wrap it around your arm or pose it as desired. Monkey Business Make your zookeeper or safari guide costume even more realistic thanks to your monkey companion!

It makes a great accessory for Halloween, and an equally great toy for the rest of the year.