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8.5 Inch Minnie Mouse Treetopper

Santa's Helper Hey, everybody! Santa saw how good you've been this year and wanted to reward you with something extra special.

He knows that his good friend Minnie is always full of holiday warmth and cheer, so he sent you her to make your days merry and bright! She loves to join in the Christmas fun all December long and likes nothing more than to watch your family's merriment with her big, happy smile.

It's always the most wonderful time of year when Minnie's around! Product Details Give your Christmas tree a Disney twist with an officially licensed 8 1/2-Inch Minnie Mouse Treetopper!

This little lady has her trademark round ears and white gloves, and she wears a velvety red Santa Claus dress embellished with fur and a wide black belt. Her Santa hat is adorned with her favorite red bow!

The bottom of the figurine is open and fits a real or fake tree.

$49.99 $69.99

Mickey Mouse Santa Treetop-Tabletop Piece

Tree Topper Troubles Its December, and your house is finally ready for the holidays. Youve trimmed the tree, baked cookies, wrapped presents, and decorated the house from top to bottom.

But you soon realize that one detail is missing. You forgot to put something on top of your perfectly tinseled tree!

If stars and angels arent really your thing, there are a lot of alternative options. Some people use an oversized bow, and others like to display any decorative item they feel matches the tree.

Whether youre a fan of the classic red and white color scheme or you love all things Disney, we have a great option for you! Product Details This Mickey Mouse Santa Treetop-Tabletop Piece will look perfect on the highest bough of your evergreen.

It has adjustable arms and a cone base so it will sit nicely on your tree. And if youre not really a tree person, this versatile piece can bring you some Christmas cheer just as easily from a table or shelf elsewhere in your home!

We hope youll love this adorable tree topper for many Christmases to come.

Star Wars Darth Vader Tree Topper

Merry Darthmas Yep, it's official. The Sith Lords aren't content with just ruling over some planets.

They're taking over Christmas! Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine spent their time ruling an entire galaxy, so it's hardly surprising that the villainous duo would set their sights on the yuletide holiday as their next target.

In fact, their first step is to take over your family Christmas tree with this unique tree topper from Kurt Adler. Product Details This Star Wars Darth Vader Tree Topper is ready to command your Christmas tree!

The officially licensed decoration is the perfect way to add some extra Sith vibes to your holiday season. The Star Wars holiday decoration measures 11 inches tall and has a 6-inch diameter base, making it easy to fit on top of most trees.

He's made out of molded plastic and has his signature cape wrapped around him. He's even holding his red lightsaber, which actually lights up to bring a warm red glow to your dark side tree!

The decoration requires 2 AAA batteries to light up (sold separately). If you want to get your house ready for the Sith takeover of Christmas, then this is the Christmas tree topper for you!


Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu 7-Inch Tree Topper

This Is the Way Who says holiday trees are just for Christmas? Show off the things you love year 'round.

Starting, of course, with Star Wars! This Mandalorian: The Child tree topper will keep watch of all your favorite ornaments, light strings, action figures, and whatever else you can think of to decorate your tree.

Seasons may change, but Baby Yoda is adorable 365 days of the year. (Here's an idea: Christmas trees are already green.

Why not add a bunch of Grogo and/or Mando-themed decor? Light it up so it matches your favorite light saber color!

) Product Details This Grogu tree topper stands at 7 inches tall. That's just enough height to let him be noticed, but not enough where he'll distract from the rest of the tree.

Lifelife features, like ears, his cute face, head wrinkles, and shining eyes make him look almost real, like he's begging to be snuggled. (If he doesn't make it to the top of your tree, we understand.

) His simple robe is lined with faux wool at the cuffs and neck. Use some wire to attach a round ornament to his hand so people wonder if he's helping you decorate or just waiting to pop one of those delicacies in his mouth.

$49.99 $109.99