Viking Costumes

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Dark Northern King Costume for Men

WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK What does your daily life look like? Do you live in a lovely but bitter land where the seasons themselves seem desperate to freeze you solid?

Questionably loyal soldiers, whod just as soon stab you in the back the second youtake your eyes off of them? A bunch of wild barbarians threaten to attack from outlying icy wastelands?

How about a handful of crazy rulers from forever away that seem to think your territory and resources are theirs to play with? Ugh, and if all those normal daily affairs weren't enough, has the whole medieval world gone fantasy on you?

Do you have weird lich-like creatures knocking at your door? Real to life dragons flying through the air!

? Jeez!

All you wanted was to do right by your people and enjoy a cozy night by the fire while watching the snow drift quietly to the ground. Well, don't worry.

We're here to make sure you've got all you need to succeed in your role as a Northern King! DESIGN & DETAILS This exclusive Dark Northern King Costume helps you command the type of presence youre going to need if you plan on fighting against narcissistic kings, treacherous soldiers,and mystical creatures.

Its an all-inclusive costume that comes with a tunic thats black as a ravens feather. The look also features a linen cape with plenty of faux fur covering the shoulders to give you that regal presence on the battlefield.

Finish off your look with a belt and matching gloves to help you feel like a valiant swordsman from a faraway, fantasy land. JOIN SNOW WITH MIGHT Once you've got this Northern King look equipped, the adventure begins.

You may find yourself wielding a legendary sword against an icy frost beast or perhaps even befriending one of those dragons. Who knows what kind of glorious fate awaits you once the game of swords and snow begins!


Plus Size Dark Northern King Costume

TIME FOR HONOR! There's been a strange pattern of folks just ready to toss their whole sense of honor out the window into the freezing cold below.

What the heck!?

Aren't these folks claiming to be nobles, knights, and even royalty? Doesn't that just come naturally equipped with a sense of right and wrong?

The desire to serve your people and make sure that everyone gets to see through the tough times and into the bright summer days? Well, amidst all these awful and pompous noble-bred folks who are more concerned about how well their gold matches their royal purple hues and whether or not that goes with the official seal of their Houses, we know there are some out there that still know what honor really means.

It is time to don the mantle of a true leader and guide the whole of the northlands into a period of justice! Good thing that we've got your back with a look that's both regaland rugged.

DESIGN & DETAILS The first step to becoming our greatest hope for the future is changing things up by changing into this Dark Northern King costume. This look is designed by our own loyal northerners and crafted with the highest quality materials to make sure that it stays fitting in the right places whether you're sitting in court or fighting off some supernatural baddies.

With a fantasy inspired look, the dark cape and fur trim are sure to inspire any brothers in arms. The tunic is black linen with faux suede detailing and padded shoulders.

Cinch things together with a brass-toned buckled belt and matching faux suede gloves. EARN A COMPANION Once you've mastered the north with this rugged king of the wilderness look, you'll no doubt attract a number of loyal soldiers.

But, best yet, you might even find yourself an even mightier companion. Perhaps a wild creature of nature or something even more ancient and mighty!


Red Viking Beard for Kids

We surveyed a pool of 100 men to ask them what their beard means to them. This is a brief summary of our findings.


Once thought of as a personal grooming choice for only mountain-men and lumberjacks, beards have made quite a comeback in recent years. Now everyone from hipsters residing in Brooklyn to philosophy professors are choosing to sport this popular trend in facial hair.

The men we talked to like sporting full beards because it makes them feel powerful, rugged, hardy, and overall more masculine. "No one ever picks a bar fight with a man who's efficient at growing a beefy beard," one participant noted.

"Yeah, if a beard was good enough for Abe Lincoln, then a beard is good enough for me," another participate explained. Men-in-the-making, don't worry because your ability to display a robust beard will come soon enough.

Until then, wear this red viking beard to give you the macho appearance you desire. You can see what it's like to have a furry face while also enjoying your time as a kid because it goes fast.

Be at ease knowing that you will truly join the beard movement some day soon!

Vikings Floki Costume for Men

We're Not Joking Floki jokes about a lot of things. He jokes about the gods.

He jokes about authority and love and war. He jokes about everything that's sacred to the Vikings.

One thing that Floki doesn't joke about? He doesn't mess around when it comes to boats.

When it came time to do the impossible and cross the wide sea to find a land that Ragnar and Floki weren't even sure existed, Floki was there to put his mind to the task. He not only finds the best lumber for the ships, he sees inside the trees before he even makes a cut.

Sure, he's a complicated guy but when it comes to seacraft, the gods' love his boats! And to him, that's nothing to joke about.

Design & Details Our creative team is pleased to present this licensed Vikings Floki costume. You'll look ready for battle and designing new seafaring technology in this rough and tumble look.

This Made by Us look features a faux leather tunic with oversized stitching on the front and a faux leather belt around the waist. The soft green undershirt and pants will keep you warm as you sail through the fjords and on to unknown lands.

Just to be sure to add Floki's dramatic eye makeup to make yourcharacter instantly recognizable. Now, whether you use charcoal or eyeliner is up to you!

Uncharted Territory Findingsolutions to unsolvable problems is what Floki loves best. When you step into his character, you'll need to think on your feet.

Maybe you're heading out with Lagertha, Ragnar, and Bjorn Ironside or maybe you're heading out on a solo expedition. Either way, we're pretty confident you'll find adventure.

Just make sure you've got a prop ax at your side. Whether you're building a ship or leading an army in battle, Floki is never unprepared!


Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Prop Shield

Lagertha Lothbrok Battling like Lagertha from History's Vikings? That part's easy.

Just call on your ancient gods, unite the other earldoms that will fight by your side, and get yourfavorite sons teamed up, too. That's all it will take to defeat the forces that seek to unseat you!

Well, actually, it's going to take one more thing, too. A shield and sword.

We've got you covered for the shield, because we created this Lagertha Battle Shield, and it's officially licensed, so it's atv screen replica that's ready for all kinds of Halloween fun. Design & Details This is a Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Shield comes from History Channel's Vikings, and it's a Made by Us exclusive, designed to perfectly complement our Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Costume.

It measures about 21 inches in diameter, and has arm straps attached on the back so it's easy to carry around. For Fans by Fans We're fans, too, so we want to make sure we're doing everything we can to get your costume experience just right.

Grab some prop weapons, and stop by our makeup section to get your warpaint applied to perfection, too. We're sure you're gonna have a great time when you costume up as Queen Lagertha!


Women's Blonde Viking Wig

The bow of your ship cuts a sharp cold line in the blue-gray sea. It's been almost a year since you've been home and you can almost see it now.

The pine trees interrupt the horizon line and the current changes as you head for the bay. You and the crew are coming home with plenty of loot, there will a grand celebration in the mead hall tonight.

Sometimes you miss the simple village life but there is nothing you'd rather do than raid with the rest of your crew. There's no better life than the life of a shield maiden.

Why do we always picture Viking women with two tightly braided plaits? It's probably because they were too busy to come up with any other styles and keeping their hair out of the way was paramount.

Those busy women were raising children by dangerous fjords, drying fish, spinning wool, and sometimes even participating in raids. We'd like to see the class bully try yanking the hair of a Viking girl, he would never want to see a pigtail again.