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Enter If You Dare Wall Clings Decoration

You Were Warned Step into the haunted, abandoned asylum. Terrible things were whispered to happen here, but now it's just an old building with no one left inside - what's that?

Did you also see something out of the corner of your eye, or hear a haunting laugh? Ok, those words definitely weren't there before.


Product Details Send a chilling message with these Bloody Asylum Wall Clings! The set includes the sentence "Enter if you dare" along with various bloody splotches.

It's perfect for a Halloween party, even if you wouldn't want to see it anywhere else.


Set of 12 Black Crow Stickers Decoration

A Murder of Crows There's just something about large, sharp-beaked birds that seems kind of spooky. Maybe it's the combination of their red eyes and their shiny, midnight-dark feathers.

Maybe it's the sound of their hoarse caws, or the fact that their preferred diet is rotting flesh. Or maybe it's the fact that a group of them is called a MURDER.

Do the ornithologists and Alfred Hitchcock know something we don't? Product Details This exclusive 12-piece set of Crow Stickers is definitely something to squawk about!

The felt fabric crows measure approximately nine and a half inches tall, and have stickers attached to their backs. The crows come in a variety of poses, including perching, flying, and cawing.

A Frightful Flock If you're hunting for a uniquely creepy set of decorations to display this Halloween, you've come to the right birds! Stick these decals to your windows and other flat surfaces to creep out your guests and make them wonder why carrion birds feel so comfortable in your home.

Is it because they sense that an epic party is about to happen, or is there something more sinister at play?