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Brown Fantasy Wand

If you have been searching high and low for a fine wand, but you can't make it to a certain London alley, your search stops now! This Brown Fantasy Wand meets all of your magical wand needs, for and even more magical price!

Durable? Check, it is made out of a sturdy brown plastic, with a zig-zag form.

Comfortable grip? You got it, it has a faux leather grip braided around the handle.

Fashionable? Of course, it has two ornamental star and moon tassels.

This wand has it all, and can be worn with all as well! You can be an enchanting woodland fairy, an old, wise warlock, or a bewitching sorceress, with a whole arsenal of spells in her pocket!

The number of possibilities is truly marvelous, and with this wand, you will not be disappointed!

Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand

All wizards and witches can cast a variety of unique and potent magical spells on their own. Through a few components, concentration, mystic words, or even just mere concentration, no magic is unattainable.

That said, it takes time and lots of energy. That is why you see so many casters making use of implements to help hone in that focus and make some serious magical effects take place with greater ease.

And the Good Witch of the North is no different. Her iconic wand is perhaps a little different from what others might select, but this Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand is still a crucial aspect of the guardian witchs abilities.

This 16 wand is silver with bright multicolored gems in its star end. But, the magic isnt in its appearance, alone.

A simple flick of the wand and press of a button and it illuminates with magic that couldnt possibly be explained by two batteries alone! Show those munchkins that all is well and guide Dorothy to her ultimate future and home with this glorious wand!


Deluxe Harry Potter Light Up Harry Wand

The Right Weapon Welcome to Ollivanders! Its time to choose your wand.

We have all shapes, sizes and materials, but we can tell from the look of you that youre going to need something extra special. Its the lightning bolt scar that gives it away, you see.

Heroes usually have crazy-shaped scars. Also, only someone very noble-hearted and uninterested in the small matters of personal appearance would have a bowl cut AND google glasses!

You are to be commended, Boy Who Lived! Product Details Lets get right to the fun stuff.

Certainly, you can try out as many different wands as you desire, but may we make a suggestion? Something tells us that only one wand will suit you.

Step over here, and see our Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Harry Wand! Its made of plastic (the Muggle term for holly wood) and lights up when you use it!

He Who Must Not Be Named will cower in fear when he sees you using the twin of his own dark weapon! We just know that you are destined to save Hogwarts.

Could we get an autograph? Oh, wait - maybe you should put the wand down first.


Deluxe Harry Potter Light Up Hermione Wand

model witch Hermione embodies every aspect of what it means to belong to Gryffindor house: daring, nerve, and chivalry. We will never forget that daring and glorious moment when she punches Malfoy in the face after he laughs at Buckbeak's demise.

He had it coming. Then there's the nerve she had to make the Polyjuice potion in her second year, a move that could have gotten her expelled, which, for Hermione is a fate worse than death.

Chivalry comes naturally to Hermione. An underdog herself, she constantly stands up for the underdog, whether it's the majestic Buckbeak or the poor Neville getting bullied by everyone from teachers to students.

Somehow she pulls off breaking the rules at a consistent rate yet still maintains the label of goody two shoes, that's what happens when you're charming in more than one way. product details You can harness all of Hermoine's fantastic characteristics when you carry around this Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Hermoine Wand.

Best of all, you don't need to have any goblin or Sorting Hat tell you this is the wand for you; that's not how it works in Muggle world. Whether you're meeting up with your witch and wizard friends at the Three Broomsticks or going to a muggle Halloween party, your new 13-inch light-up wand will be spellbinding.

Those revelers should be warned, because this Halloween you've solemnly sworn to be up to no good.

Deluxe Harry Potter Light up Severus Snape Wand

The Bravest Slytherin Youre not evil. Youre just misunderstood!

If your one true love married your school rival and gave birth to the Chosen One, that might make you a little salty, wouldnt it? If you had to look at that little buggers lightning bolt scar in your classroom every day, maybe you would be tempted toward the dark arts, too.

Ultimately, your sense of right and wrong, plus your loyalty toward Lily Potter, is too strong to deny. The Dark Lord may try to turn you to his nefarious purposes, but he will not prevail!

Maybe try to avoid large pet snakes, though. Thats always a good principle to live by.

Product Details You might not be anyones favorite teacher, but no one can say that your wizardly skills arent the best of the best. This is really thanks to your trusty wand.

Its not the Elder Wand, but it suits you fine for all your spellcasting needs. This Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Severus Snape Wand is made of plastic molded to look like wood, and its tip fires with impressive light whenever you unleash your powers (read: press the button)!

Go ahead and cast your best toenail-growing hex!

Fantastic Beasts Percival Graves Wand

A Conquering Wand Percival Graves is an esteemed member of MACUSA, the Wizarding Congress of America. As an Auror, he is trusted as a skilled and honorable wizard.

But at some point, his place in society was taken over by Gellert Grindelwald. No one knows if Grindelwald killed or imprisoned Graves, but we're guessing the poor man doesn't have his wand anymore!

As each wizard has a unique wand, carrying the wrong one could make the other Aurors suspicious. Better to take the man's wand than get caught using your own, right?

You can dress up as Percival, or pretend to be a disguised Gellert, with the help of this Percival Graves Wand Accessory! Product Details Percival's wand is sleek, elegant, and simple.

While the movie doesn't say what the wand is made of, this plastic is molded in black, to match the film. The unique feature of this wand is the silver handle detailing, which includes a band of silver along the top and a matching pommel at the bottom.

Since we don't know what the wand core is made of, you can make up your own! Is it a unicorn hair?

Maybe a Thunderbird feather? The choice is yours!