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Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw

We know a guy. Well call him.


Al. Now Al thought he was real clever; full o brains Al was.

Al thought he could DIY himself a quick Scarecrow costume at the last minute before a big Halloween party. Al went out and got real straw and stuffed his plaid shirt and denim pants with it.

Sigh. Oh, Al.

And then? Al went to the hospital, with a severe allergy.

Al was itching so hard he seemed like he wished he could click his heels three times and go back and do it all over again. That was the end of Halloween for Al.

Now he gives out candy from his porch without dressing up, thus crushing the spirits of little kids all over the neighborhood. The moral of the story?

Dont be like Al. Use your brain.

Pick up this Five-Piece Scarecrow Straw Kit and save yourself the trouble, pain, and the copay.