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Dead Zone Zombie Costume for Kids

And there he goes dodging past a couple tackles right after a beautiful pass. He's making his way down the line just dragging past every defender and now he's on the breakaway sideline!

He's at the 30, the 20! Oh, but wait a minute there's a defender catching up to him.


He goes for the diving tackle and gets a hold of a leg! But the running back keeps going!

Wait a minute where did his leg go? The defender still has it!

He's hopping past the ten, the five, and he dives for the touchdown! I can't say I've ever seen anything like it!

Wait a minute, he's standing up for some sort of celebration. Oh my goodness, he's actually eating the ball!

Somebody go tell our very first professional Zombie football player that the ball is not a brain! You just can't write this kind of stuff!

(well unless you're a copywriter here!) Sure, zombie football players might not have the speed of a regular football player, but they're much more tenacious.

Once you turn your child into a member of the undead team with this zombie costume, don't be surprised if he keeps chasing after the guy with the football long after the game is over. This costume comes with everything your child needs to rise from the dead this Halloween and take to the field!

The polyester jersey has unfinished seams and Hook and Loop fastener attachments inside for the included shoulder pads. The elastic waist pants are perfect for all night wear and also have jagged edges.

The included swampy gray scarf gives him that just-from-the-crypt look and the vinyl half helmet completes the look. His game isn't over until he eats his brains.

Let's me sure he doesn't do that. It might result in a little bit more than a 15-yard penalty!


Fun World Zombie Doll Makeup

We really don't want to know how it happened, but somehow a hybrid of a zombie and a living doll has crawled up from the depths of Hades to make sure that none of us are able to sleep again. Ever.

Because if you were to take a survey of "the last thing you want to see standing over your bed at night," both "living dead" and "living doll" would be at the top of the list. But think of a combination of both.


a Living Dead Doll! Nothing could be scarier.

So If you really want to spook people this Halloween, become the most horrifying thing imaginable with the help of this Zombie Doll Makeup kit! It's got everything you need to transform into everyone's worst nightmare, including giant doll eyelashes, grotesque "stitch" tattoos, and all the necessary makeup gear to tie it together.

The Zombie Doll Makeup is a great way to put a scary and unforgettable twist on your old "Raggedy Ann" costume!
$12.99 $9.99

Graftobian Deluxe Zombie Make Up Kit

Still on Top Zombie is probably one of the top 5 greatest choices for costumes. Why?

Well, thats easy. First, its a very customizable look.

You can go for a full-on rotting ghoul look, complete with fake guts spilling out of our stomach, or you can just put a little pale face paint on your cheeks and call it good. Second, you can mash it up with just about any other costume to become the zombified version of that costume!

Mix zombie with a superhero and you have a zombie-superhero. Mix it with a bunny costume and you have a zombie bunny.

Finally, its totally classic. Its one of the few costumes thats stuck around for decades, so you know its never going out of style.

Now, if you plan on being a zombie, youre going to want a makeup kit that gives you everything you need to get the full zombification experience. This deluxe zombie makeup kit fits that bill perfectly!

Product Details This zombie makeup kit comes with a crme foundation and 4 crme contour shades. It also comes with a brush, eye lining pencil, blood gel, face powder, a powder puff, and sponges.

It also comes with a set of instructions to help you make the most of the makeup kit. Its time to zombify your look!


Graftobian Wax Works Bump & Bruise Makeup Kit

Scar Issue Have you ever seen yourself as an artist? Every artist has their preferredmedium.

Some artists love oil paints, others like to carve their masterpieces out of marble. But if you don't see yourself as an artist yet maybe you just haven't found your right medium yet!

Don't doubt yourself just yet. This Bump and Bruise kit might be the answer and your very own face might be your canvas!

And if we're being truthful, we just can't wait to see what you come up with. Product Details This kit will let you make yourface 100 percent more disturbing.

Actually, you can go as far as you choose. The modelingwax can create swollen features, cuts, or gore.

The theatrical liquid latex is handy to create bloody scabs and a number of liquidy horrors. And of course, the look is topped off with the traditional pouch of blood because what are a few bumps and bruises without a little blood?

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Now, we don't really know why you're going for a black and blue look. Maybe you're heading out for Halloween.

Maybe you're staring in a play as a major boxer. Maybe you just want to be prepared for a gnarly idea that pops into your head.

Either way, this set will be there for you when you decide to cruise for a bruise.


Living Dead Zombie Costume for Kids | Scary Halloween Costume

Zombie time Zombie movies and cartoons have become a huge hit with both adults and kids alike. No longer are zombies just a boring trope in a scary movie, now they are taking center stage in both movies and television shows.

Whether your child loves the classic movie zombies or the modern, more human-like zombies, they'll just love dressing up as a zombie this Halloween! Kids zombie costumes come in all sizes and styles and this Kids Living Dead Zombie Costume is the perfect mix of the classic and modern zombie look.

This costume comes complete with all of the gruesome details youd expect from a classic zombie costume, but with enough modern comforts that they can move around easily on all of their Halloween adventures. Product Details This Kids Zombie Costume is designed as a shirt and pants combo.

The pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit and the top and pants have matching gray and black poly blend fabric. The molded chest piece attaches with Hook and Loop fastener at the shoulders and gives the costumes its from-the-grave look.

Finally, the molded vinyl mask has slits for the eyes for clear vision and is held in place with an elastic strap. The gory details truly set this full zombie costume apart from the others.

Emerge from the crypt Just add black boots and gloves to complete this Living Dead Zombie Costume. Your child will look like they just emerged from the crypt with this realistic costume.

No need for any zombie makeup this costume and mask combo has your child covered this Halloween or for a fun night out in the neighborhood!

Zombie Hunter Costume for Kids | Boys Hunter Costume

Zombies may be experiencing a sort of modern day renaissance, but the truth is that when zombies are around, the living have everything to lose. Thankfully, with even more zombies roaming around than ever before, zombie hunters are also on the rise and are ready to take action!

Zombies need to be on guard because the Child Zombie Hunter is patrolling the streets and he's ruthless, ready to make the zombie kill of the week! He's made it a long way in the Zombie apocalypse and we'll let you in on a little secrethe didn't do it by making friends.

Let your child suit up as a true survivor with this costume! This zombie hunter costume is a unique kids costume that comes with everything your child needs to take on the undead one corpse at a time!

The olive green shirt has zombie hunter along with a zombie head and two crossed guns printed on the front. The knee-length trench coat has a tattered hem and sleeves.

The signature hat is made of a khaki polyfoam and has an elastic cord. Now for the fun stuff this costume comes with a plastic axed with fake blood and a kill count carved into the handle.

The axe sheath is shaped like a zombie head and is attached to a plastic belt. For a finishing touch, the plastic bullet belt fastens with Hook and Loop fastener and can be worn around the waist or shoulder.

Dont forget to add the toy rifle he cant hunt zombies without it!